1. Testing a new tele lens and hoping the we’ll see some more exciting wildlife on our travels.

  2. As promised here’s a little video of us making a waffle board rack for the Land Cruiser.

  3. russiantomongolia:

    The Plan

    To drive something resembling the above route, in a 20 year old Toyota Land Cruiser (see “The Car”), in order to drop a friend off at her job teaching English in Inner Mongolia (Dee would like to point out that she was going there anyway and isn’t just hugely demanding, but is flattered that we care enough to accompany her all that way) . 

  4.  DIY waffle board rack, and shiny new brakes with help from our friends at Avon Tuning. Check them out at http://avontuning.co.uk/

  5. Spent the today working on a jerry can rack and waffle board holder for the truck. Pictures and videos of the finished product to follow.

  7. Closet Pokemon fan Dee perfects her bubblebeam.

  8. Italian road trip part 2/showing off a new awning and warp speed button.

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  9. Joe and Dee’s trip to Italy part 1.

  10. Pre trip video testing/editing practice..